Monday, November 7, 2011

This is my first blog and I thought I'll start it off with introducing myself. I am a dream fabricated from my parents desire. Which in turn was shaped and hardened, like red clay in the kiln, by my interactions with other like lad's and lasses.

Ok subject change!

I am aspiring to become a writer. Just like my Handsome boyfriend, you know who you are, who has inspired to express the creativity that wallows in my brain.

Transition to my next topic.

I love Edgar Allan Poe. He is my main inspiration and my favorite writer. Can I answer all your question about him? what is the deeper meaning behind his works? The lessons he's trying to teach us? Fuck no. I wish someday I can. I'm somewhat slow and can't really think deeply into things... sometimes. It all depends on my state of minds.

That's it for an introduction and to strike simile with this blog, I give you: "The Tell Tale Heart"


  1. I noticed you said..."minds"....are we going into the realm of paranoid schizophrenia? Perhaps the even more rare dual personality syndrome...? This should be an entertaining blog to say the least. check mine out

  2. Possibly Dual personality. hahaha.

  3. You've been reading Lovecraft. You should bring him back to life.........

  4. Hmm. To become a vessel and store those lost dreams. To revive the mysticism and/or romanticism of the insane. In other words: ALAOOF!