Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chaos is the word of the month

"Tis the time to be Jolly" does not apply to this month. Its the Christmas season, finals are coming up, and work for retails are going to start getting busy. Aside from the social chaos that will be happening, my main topic for today is the people who got me angry. This week, I would say, has been a very strange one because everything just seemed so out of place. It's one of the few times that I wished that I could just disappear and just slip into a long slumber.

Maybe wake up with the world around me with all the foliage overgrown. See all the houses in my neighbor turn into ancient ruins. Find the descendants of the people and watch in amazement as they call our boring technology "ancient technology of the gods." Where our simple flashlight will become the "Magic Sun Box!" ... well I tried my best to think how those people will.

Hahaha. I laugh at myself. After that inspiring imagery of decay and rebirth all my anger and hate for today disappeared. But don't worry my loyal readers I'll still give some fun facts about them:

First is Cunt, who is just a dumbass who thinks they deserve things.
Second is Slut, who thinks success is made from being lazy.
Third is Whore, who fucked up and expects someone to seek redemption for them.

Whew got that off of my chest. They haven't wronged me directly, but wronged someone I care for. I am very protective like a mother Wolf! and I choose a mother because most Alpha males of an animal pack are usually lazy bums. Most notably the lion.

*I imagine myself as an Orc running to battle as motivation for excercise: Excercise Regime

**At this time I'm trying to concentrate and write my blog. My other half is groping me everywhere. Just wanted to share that ;p


  1. **Please don't share any more...thank you Rodgie

  2. Ah yes. I must control myself sometimes. I have to remember we don't live in glass houses. hahaha.