Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration: Music

I always say and tell people that music is one of the greatest invention of humanity. Be it from the complexities of classical to the primal beats of club music. Everything is great! It is such a powerful instrument that sometimes you would not even need words to convey your feelings and emotions to your audience.

Music can be made to make people smile, to provide inspiration, to communicate with each other when words are not enough~

Music can also incite rebellion, motivate a person to not fear death, to inspire people to march into war~

My all time favorite composer is none other than Beethoven, because I loved the accurate movie they did of him in "Beethoven" and not "Immortal Beloved." Here is one of my favorite sonata's which I know is probably most peoples favorite :)

Ah and lets not forget Shostakovich:

and Lastly, "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky

Fun Fact: After playing the Rite of Spring the first time everyone ran out and rioted.

Bonus clip: a rap battle between Beethoven and Justin "Top 50 most beautiful women" Bieber:

*I like watching the faces of Kempff and Bernstein.

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