Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2(0) Miniutes to Midnight

AAAhhhh… How nice.  A humid night with warm air circulating through my room.  I’m surprised that I can still concentrate on my project whilst all the distractions around me.  Mom and Dad talking loudly, Bromo playing videogames behind me, and my constant need to travel back and forth between the kitchen and my room just to keep myself caffeinated.  

And yes, we don’t dare to let me reach that state of de-caffeination… lest you open the gates of hell!

Abandon all hope ye who enter!

Now, I must abandon this muse, named Procrastination, that enthralled me 10 minutes ago to go back in the trudging of mastering my knowledge that will hopefully… hopefully! take me closer to being a Mind Master.

I just hope that I don’t get too close to the sun like Icarus.  Well not until I learn how to make a better pair of wings.

Well now it’s been 15 minutes so this video wont make sense anymore and now it 11:55pm(Well at the time I wrote this out).

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